Monthly Roundup: April 2022

We monitor over 20 online sources for news, best practices and tools that are of interest to Website Owners and Content Managers. Here are our best picks from the web for the month of April 2022.

What’s new in Gutenberg 13.0?

Coming soon in the WordPress Block Editor:

  • Select text across blocks
  • Show the featured image in the Cover block
  • Build responsive Groups, Rows, and Stacks
  • Make your blocks stand out with customizable borders
  • Control the whitespace around Columns

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.0?

WordPress 6.0 is expected to be released on May 24th, 2022. This article is a good overview of the new features we can expect to see in this release.

How to Get the Perfect Yoast SEO Readability Score

This is a big deal. If you haven’t made the migration to Google Analytics 4 – and most websites haven’t – then you’ll need to start thinking about a transition plan.

What is cornerstone content?

This post explains everything you need to know about cornerstone content – or evergreen content, as it’s also known. You’ll learn what it is, why it’s important for SEO, how to write this kind of content and how you should link from your posts to your cornerstone articles.

Making an Impression: How To Build a Post Hero Header With Blocks

Hero banners are a commonly requested layout. Many times we’ll use a slider tool like Slider Revolution to achieve this, but in some cases you may want to create a simple hero layout directly in the WordPress Block Editor. This article will show you how.

Improve local SEO with a Google Business Profile

An excellent guide to creating and optimizing your Google My Business listing.

The Difference Between Reusable Blocks, Block Patterns, Templates & Template Parts

Rapid advancements in the WordPress Block Editor, along with the recent announcement of the WordPress Full Site Editing experience, have led to a variety of new features for website owners and content managers. This article explains key differences between some of these new publishing tools.

What’s new in Gutenberg 12.9?

Coming soon in the WordPress Block Editor:

  • A new block locking UI to prevent accidental changes
  • New spacing controls for the Gallery block
  • Easier management of deeply nested block structures
  • Post Date block now supports custom date formats

SEO Basics for eCommerce: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re selling stuff online, investing some time to search-optimize your products will pay substantial dividends. This article provides a great introduction to the core concepts and essential best practices for an SEO-optimized online store.

The Month in WordPress – March 2022

Some highlights from The Month in WordPress for March 2022:

The WordPress Pattern directory has officially launched. Patterns are pre-built groups of blocks, allowing you to bring advanced layouts into your page with just a few clicks. Browse available patterns.

There are also new Block Editor improvements coming in WordPress 6.0, which is currently scheduled for release in late May 2022.