Monthly Roundup: February 2024

We monitor over 20 online sources for news, best practices and tools that are of interest to Website Owners and Content Managers. Here are our best picks from the web for the month of February 2024.

What’s New in Gutenberg 17.7?

This cycle is packed with enhancements and bug fixes ahead of the next WordPress 6.5 release. Multiple performance improvements, refinement of the Link Control UI, Shadow support for the columns, and image blocks are good examples of what this new Gutenberg release is bringing.

How Accessibility Standards Can Empower Better Chart Visual Design

Accessibility for data visualization extends well beyond web standards, at least if you’re trying to create an experience that’s actually useful. This article focuses on WCAG 2.1 standards, and it covers many techniques for embracing accessibility standards to empower better, more accessible visual design.

How to Understand WordPress Website Visitors Intent & Answering their Questions

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about website visitor intent, how to craft compelling, search-engine-optimized content that matches that intent, and why doing so could prove to be a game-changer for your WordPress website.

The SEO checklist for beginners

SEO is a HUGE thing – and who doesn’t love a checklist? Although SEO work is never done, there are many things you can simply cross off the list to ensure you’re optimizing your website not just for people but for Google as well. Want to work on your site’s SEO? Check out these things so you know where to start.

Mastering WordPress Categories & Tags for SEO (+ Case Studies)

Learn about the nature of WordPress Tags and Categories, and how you can make these taxonomy tools work in your favour by making users and search engines find your content in an easy way.

How to Write a Blog Post Outline? (Step by Step Guide)

Think of a blog post outline as your writing map. It helps you write smoothly and keeps your readers engaged. Hence, having a solid structure beforehand is key to crafting a captivating blog post. Discover how to convert your ideas into a well-organized blog post using the power of blog outlines.