Monthly Roundup: March 2024

We monitor over 20 online sources for news, best practices and tools that are of interest to Website Owners and Content Managers. Here are our best picks from the web for the month of March 2024.

The WordPress Training Team’s Big Changes: Learning Pathways and Website Redesign

Resources like documentation and support forums exist to answer questions and explain features, but their purpose is not to teach a person what it means to use WordPress. That’s the goal of Learn WordPress, managed by the WordPress Training team and living at the easy-to-remember URL

Understanding the Yoast SEO Traffic Lights

Starting with SEO can be hard, but tools like Yoast SEO simplify the process. One crucial feature is the traffic light system. It’s designed to guide you and your content toward SEO success. Find out what these traffic lights mean for your work in Yoast SEO.

What’s New in Gutenberg 17.8?

This release prioritizes stability and bug fixes but there are still some notable new features including Grid, a new layout variation for the Group block that allows you to display blocks within the group as a grid.

What’s Coming in WordPress 6.5

WordPress has released the beta for the release of version 6.5 for testing. It will be the first major WordPress update of 2024. Let’s look at some of those amazing features and enhancements that are coming in WordPress.

What is a Landing Page?

If you’ve ever worked on a marketing campaign, you know how important it is to drive results. Landing pages help you do just that. Take a closer look at what landing pages are, common types of landing pages, and why you should use them.

What’s New in Gutenberg 17.9?

As with Gutenberg 17.8, this update was focused on polishing for the upcoming WordPress 6.5 release, however there are still some notable features including Colour and Typography Presets, and support for list indentation via the tab key.

Yoast SEO 22.3: Introducing AI for Category and Tag Pages

Yoast SEO 22.3 introduces a highly-requested AI feature exclusively for Yoast SEO Premium customers. AI-generated titles and descriptions—simply input your keyphrase for SEO-optimized suggestions. Effortlessly enhance category and tag pages, save time, and stay ahead in SEO.