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Project Profile: ADUSearch

In collaboration with Family Services Windsor-Essex and Parallel 42 Systems, we delivered a cohesive brand and website design that embodies a contemporary but approachable feel.

About ADUSearch

ADUSearch, an initiative by Resimate Inc., provides a platform for a diverse audience including property owners, industry experts, policymakers, non-profit organizations, and academic researchers in Canada. It facilitates the exploration of possibilities for constructing detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) by offering insights into both the physical and economic aspects of development in line with local regulations.

This tool enables users to analyze the feasibility of these structures on an individual property basis or within entire neighborhoods, supporting Resimate’s mission to deliver innovative software solutions that guide Canadian homeowners through the process of adding an ADU to their property.

ADUSearch was originally funded by Stage 1 of the CMHC Housing Supply Challenge and incubated at Family Services Windsor-Essex.

Our Role

Elev8, in partnership with Family Services Windsor-Essex and Parallel 42, contributed to the project by developing the brand and designing the front-end of the website. Parallel 42 created the digital tool that evaluates the suitability of Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) for individual lots and entire neighbourhoods.


Our initial step was to craft a brand identity that embodies a contemporary but approachable feel. The ADUSearch logo illustrates an ADU alongside a primary residence, symbolizing the ADUs’ role in optimizing extra living space.


The website design for ADUSearch emphasizes ease of access to information. It offers a clean, navigable layout with options to Find My City for specific ADU data, access to a Data Exports tool, a Blog for related articles, and a Resource Centre for more in-depth information. The aim is to serve as a comprehensive source for ADU information, facilitating community awareness and potential development projects in homeowners’ own backyards.

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