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Project Profile: Gray Box Solutions

Discover how Gray Box Solutions, a leading tech company based in Edmonton, Alberta, transformed its brand identity and online presence.

About Gray Box Solutions

Gray Box Solutions, a tech company based in Edmonton, Alberta, leverages cutting-edge technology to empower businesses to succeed.

Our Role

Website Design & Build + Brand Refresh


The original Gray Box logo featured a 3D geometric design of interlocking cubic shapes surrounding a central glowing white cube. While visually striking, the design was impractical for various mediums such as print and merchandise.

The goal of the logo refresh was to honour the original concept while enhancing its practicality. The updated logo boasts a clean, minimalist design that ensures versatility across different platforms, including print, digital, and merchandise. Simplified geometric forms and a monochromatic colour scheme make the logo easily reproducible and recognizable in various sizes and formats. The new logo successfully captures the essence of Gray Box Solutions, offering a timeless and adaptable visual identity that aligns with the company’s mission and values.




The new Gray Box Solutions website emphasizes simplicity and professionalism with easy navigation, consistent branding, and eye-catching imagery that enhances understanding and engagement without overwhelming visitors. Focused content concisely categorizes Gray Box services, allowing users to quickly grasp their offerings, while prominent call-to-action buttons guide users toward desired interactions.