User Experience

With an increasing number of tools like AccessiBe, TextHelp, and SiteImprove marketing themselves as easy fixes for accessibility compliance, it's critical for businesses and individuals alike to understand the true impact of these automated solutions on users who rely on them the most.
Making the right choices for alternative, or "alt" text for image assets is essential to delivering an accessible website experience to all users, including those with vision impairments. This article explains the fundamentals of great alt text for images.
Maybe you have an e-commerce website and you're curious why some customers aren't completing the check-out process, or maybe you're struggling to get users to sign-up for your newsletter, or perhaps you're unsure of how your site is performing and want to find ways to improve it. This is where a UX audit can help!
Learn about the ROI of UX, the importance of a good user experience and, how your website can benefit from a UX focused approach.
Simple UX optimizations lead to improved visitor engagement and retention for Workforce WindsorEssex.